Extend your li-ion battery lifetime

Our diagnostics will give you the facts on battery health and performance, allowing you to plan the maintenance or replacement and prevent potential safety issues. Extend your battery lifetime by adjusting the battery usage profile based on diagnostics results.

Remote diagnostics software for large lithium-ion batteries provides detailed data on real-time battery performance and advises customers on how to use the battery more safely and efficiently increasing its lifetime and decreasing costs.

Centralized surveillance

  • Dashboard for monitoring batteries remotely
  • Understanding the battery degradation
  • Enabling customers to make more informed decisions about their batteries

Better battery performance

  • Preventive maintenance => guarantee longer top performance
  • No sudden service breaks =>money saved

Lifetime prediction

  • Improved investment management
  • Residual value
  • Extend the lifetime by guidance for operation

Support in possible quality issues

  • Evidence for warranty or liability case

Improved safety

  • Detect cell internal short circuit before it happens
  • Patent granted

Help for recycling and 2nd life

  • Identify cells for recycling / re-use
  • Provide history data for 2nd life customer