Diagnose Remote battery analytics platform

A remote battery diagnostics and prognostics software


DIAGNOSE software platform is built on Akkurate’s extensive battery expertise – providing a single window to view and manage battery assets.


DIAGNOSE utilizes data from BMS that is transferred to cloud by customer’s existing data collection and transfer process or by using 3rd party data logger. In the latter case, Akkurate can provide off the shelf data logger through our partner.

DIAGNOSE enables super-fast and cost-efficient data processing and storage which makes it perfect for applications that require management of massive datasets.

Our SW creates a digital configuration of each battery system that enables independent analytics for easy comparison of individual batteries, regardless of their location, manufacturer, or application.


DIAGNOSE monitoring feature provides real-time and historical data visualization for basic battery parameters, such as state of charge (SOC), temperature, and energy. These parameters are often related to warranty terms; hence they are essential to be adhered to. DIAGNOSE provides monitoring for different levels starting from a fleet view all the way to a single battery system or component (rack, module, cell) depending on the depth of data and customer needs.



DIAGNOSE battery analytics provides the utilization rate of the whole battery or its subsystems such a rack, module, and cell, depending on the available data signals provided by BMS. This enables you to track idle time, for example, caused by usage breaks and rest times. DIAGNOSE analytics also provides important information about the imbalances inside the batteries that could cause unexpected performance degradation of the whole system. An imbalance condition can be caused by voltage or temperature variation between racks, modules, or cells.



DIAGNOSE diagnostics not only provides the health status of your battery systems but also helps you to understand degradation and variation in the component level (rack, module, cell). DIAGNOSE takes care that safety limits set by cell or battery supplier are complied and there´s no unexpected degradation which could eventually cause safety concerns in the longer run. DIAGNOSE has a patented method to detect emerging short circuits in advance in order to avoid hazardous thermal runaways.



DIAGNOSE provides accurate lifetime estimation for each battery system based on in-house developed health algorithms, comprehensive library, and real-time data from battery systems. Furthermore, our adaptive models use advanced ML and AI algorithms for pattern recognition and anomaly detection.

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DIAGNOSE helps you to optimize your battery usage, thus enabling untapped revenue potential. The software gives automated notifications, alarms, and guidance to customers enabling early reaction to upcoming issues. Get summary reports of battery fleet performance to your email.



DIAGNOSE provides information about the health of the entire battery population. When batteries approach the end of their life, DIAGNOSE can be utilized as a platform to manage battery replacement or to reuse batteries in other 2nd life applications. This helps extend the battery life increasing the sustainability of the battery value chain. The software grades batteries by the state of their health, thereby avoiding need for disassembly or additional separate testing.

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DIAGNOSE’s warranty tool enables easy follow-up of warranty terms and helps to mitigate the risk of reductions in battery performance and lifetime. Warranty tool helps battery suppliers to make sure that customers are using batteries according to specifications and warranty terms. It helps customers to know if the battery system is performing is as promised by the battery suppliers. Also, liability discussions become easier when there is record of usage history.


residual value

DIAGNOSE helps you define the residual value of your entire battery fleet. This information can be utilized for example when selling used batteries or electric vehicles to the next customers. This kind of information can also be beneficial regarding accounting and insurance cases

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