EV+ Accelerated Rated Calorimeter – Unique in Finland

Designed for EV cells and small modules and to fulfil requirements of US ABC & Freedom Car, SAND-2005-3123; SAE J2464 and other National and International prescribed tests.

Akkurate EV+ and standard ARC calorimeters enable various thermal testing for the batteries from small batteries to large EV-sized cells. Our equipment can be used for measuring heat capacity, thermal stability of the cell or heat generation during usage. EV+ ARC can be used also for safety tests such as Hotbox, Nail penetration, Short-circuit and Over-charging.

Protection Circuit Verification

In Protection Circuit Verification the protection functions of the battery are measured against defined limits which can be adopted for example from battery pack specification and safe operation limits of the cell

Fault and Abuse Safety Tests

Fault and Abuse Safety Tests cover a holistic range of fault and misuse cases which can be tested in the safety chambers of our laboratory. Just to mention few examples, we can provide Overcharge testing, Hot oven testing, and Nail penetration testing.

Mechanical Safety Tests

Mechanical Safety Tests cover for example random free fall and free fall tests for the battery incorporated in the device. After the drops the battery is analyzed in details in order to identify outer or inner damages.