Consultation in all battery safety related considerations.

Li-ion technologies

Consultation on finding the right battery solution for the application. Akkurate has strong know-how on Li ion technologies.


Akkurate can be used as your battery team for the whole development project starting from concept and specification phase until the verification of the battery mass production lines.

Production audits

Akkurate offer Cell and Pack production line verification audits with 10 years’ experience. Manufacturing process is one of the most critical parts in securing safe and reliable batteries. Line verification audit is a powerful way of ensuring the quality of the batteries.

Requirement and specification definition

Akkurate can determine, review and consult in the process of making the best specification for the batteries. Specification needs to ensure that the batteries are specified detailed for the intended use cases.

Battery management system, BMS

We can help you select the best Battery Management System (BMS) for your solution, or we can design a new BMS to suit your needs!

Charging & energy management software development

Akkurate provides custom algorithm development for battery management, monitoring, fuel gauging as well as charge control. Sophisticated algorithms enable longer operating times, longer battery lifetime and reduce safety risks.