Diagnose Remote battery analytics platform

A remote battery analytics and diagnostics software platform


DIAGNOSE software platform is built on Akkurate’s extensive battery expertise – providing a single window to view and manage battery assets.

DIAGNOSE is a cloud-based solution that is specifically developed to support battery value chain and accelerate sustainable and low-carbon economic growth. Our service provides visibility to battery health and performance, allowing companies to maximize their battery asset lifetime value, plan maintenance or replacement well in advance and to prevent potential safety issues. Features like centralized surveillance, better battery performance, lifetime prediction, support in possible quality issues, improved safety as well as assistance with recycling and re-purposing all contribute to holistic battery life cycle management.

DIAGNOSE can be used in most parts of the battery life cycle and in a variety of different use cases. This is also reflected in our customer base that ranges from battery manufacturers and energy companies to mobility solution and consumer electronics providers.

In our vision DIAGNOSE is used as a collaboration platform between the different battery ecosystem players, helping them to remove the unnecessary inefficiencies and thus optimizing the value created by the lithium battery ecosystem.




DIAGNOSE has been built with a cloud native approach offering high flexibility, availability and scalability through its modern micro-service architecture. The DIAGNOSE battery analytics and diagnostics is also a cloud provider independent service, thus enabling a multi cloud way of working.


Battery analytics and diagnostics using AI and ML require massive amounts of data and the data architecture used should be extremely efficient and fast. This is what we have achieved with DIAGNOSE and its physically decoupled storage, processing and service layer architecture that is purpose built for high volumes of time series data

MODERN API for integrations

All integrations to and from DIAGNOSE can be managed in a user friendly fashion with flexible APIs. DIAGNOSE APIs are based on modern web standards, and they are actively maintained and improved, guaranteeing a future proof solution. With the help the APIs the battery insight can be effortlessly integrated with already existing tools.

diagnose battery analytics platform advantages


DIAGNOSE monitors that batteries operate under safe conditions and alerts if those are exceeded. It also has an automated detection of any abnormal situations so that the battery operator or EV fleet manager can be notified before the problem escalates. In addition, DIAGNOSE includes a patented method to detect emerging short circuits in advance in order to avoid hazardous thermal runaways.

Snapshot of battery notification statistics from Diagnose user interface.


DIAGNOSE helps you to optimize your battery usage, thus enabling untapped revenue potential. The software gives automated notifications, alarms, and guidance to customers enabling early reaction to unusual utilization rates or state of charge levels that go beyond the battery suppliers warranty limits. Monthly battery performance reports that allow easy performance comparison between different months can be viewed from the DIAGNOSE UI or delivered directly to the asset manager email.



Battery is the single most expensive component of an electric vehicle and the energy storage investment project values are already counted in their hundreds of millions (USD). E.g. by optimizing the battery usage, it is possible to keep an energy storage in use several years longer than with non-optimized usage. With electric vehicles, reselling the car becomes much easier when the battery’s historical data is available, since the information asymmetry between the parties is reduced and this means the reselling price also can be higher than without any proof of the actual battery usage. DIAGNOSE’s optimized for storing and managing large data amounts of all types of batteries and it can help businesses to increase their battery investment returns, regardless of the battery application.


Data is a powerful enabler. Not only can it help you to improve your existing services, but it can also help you to create totally new business. When you have all the usage and battery health data in a single location and this data is shared with your operations and billing system, battery-as-a-service or mobility-as-a-service type of business models that take into account the actual battery asset usage and degradation become possible. On the other hand, lithium batteries used in data centers, 5G base stations and other similar applications can be converted into virtual power plants (VPPs), turning these expensive back-up resources from pure cost items into revenue generating entities. And all this can be fueled with the data collected, optimized and analyzed in DIAGNOSE.

increase knowledge

If you buy a black box or only rely on the battery or EV manufacturer provided monitoring, you might be surprised what you can learn with battery analytics that uses the battery raw data as an input and does not hide any “inconvenient” values. With the help of DIAGNOSE you can achieve full visibility to all your battery assets, get them under control and increase in-house lithium battery know-how. With the help of flexible integrations to existing solutions, you don’t have to introduce completely new tool to your personnel, but they can use the same familiar tools they are already used to.